A much simpler approach?

In ‘dem olden days, when WordPress was a youngster, having a blog with any sort of visual personality took some work. I modified themes, played with CSS for days and days, even hacked wordpress itself to do what I wanted. Problem is, it’s work, and requires being on top of things all the time. This time around, I’m going to try to use pretty much all standard stuff, which hopefully will make things so easy to maintain that I’ll actually do it.

To start off with, I’m going to use the Twenty Eleven theme, which is the new default for WordPress (of course it’s now 2012, so there should be a Twenty Twelve theme…). I believe I can easily customize this theme to meet my needs. Looking over the the plugins I used to use, there are now much better options. We will see just how little effort I can put into this and still be happy.

A seriously large reset in the dzUniverse

Thank you hackers of the world. Thanks to you, I am now forced to start all over with dzPlanet and assorted other hosted projects such as the Live Things podcast. Over 600 PHP scripts were hacked and all of the MySQL databases were compromised. I put in some effort to try to restore things, but honestly I just don’t have that kind of time. So I’m going to turn this into as much as a positive as possible and use this opportunity to start fresh. I’ve deleted all the databases, removed all the files, and and here we go again. No biggie, really, since I haven’t updated most of the sites in several years. I’m going to force myself to take a much more streamlined, easier to maintain route. I had already moved all the photos and art to Zenfolio where dzVisual is now located, so no problem there. The dzAudio stuff does not use MySQL and only one PHP file, which I fixed, so that’s OK. The original link and weather site dzUniverse (aka dzLinks!)  is still OK, because there’s no database or PHP involved. Alas, my genealogy site dzTree is no more, and it’s not on my radar to fix any time soon. The Live Things podcast will, I suppose, require a complete restart. I may start out by posting “best of” some of the original posts, because there is quite a bit of good stuff there that probably was never heard. There were at least 4 other projects that also got wiped, but I don’t think anyone knew about them but me.

Yes I know, I should have backed up my databases, locked down certain directories, and kept everything up to date. Yes, I know. I said I know. Now shut up.

So here we go, a brandy new blog, in the era of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Why? Because I feel like it should exist, even if I never update it and let it get hacked, that’s why.

Here’s my promise: keep the expectations low and your satisfaction is guaranteed or no money back!