dzPlanet is back online, dzGuitar to go offline

After 3 days of dealing with Hostgator tech support, I finally have dzPlanet back online. Apparently, the bright people at Hostgator decided to migrate my site (among many others, I’m sure) to a new server. That happened 3 days ago, and since then I’ve been dealing with one problem after the other. I’ll spare you most of the details, bottom line was my sites (including this one) were so incredibly slow as to be unusable. It was maddening – I really thought it was my fault somehow, and I wound up disabling everything, running all sorts of diagnostics – anyway – now it’s all good. So I’m moving on. But I should point out that some features I used to have are disabled for now.

As for my freshly built guitar – I’m incredibly happy with how it sounds. It has a beautiful tone – I think rivaling some of the more pricey guitars we own. But the action is too high. I was hoping it would be acceptable, but it’s really not. The couple of mistakes I made prepping the neck all added up to enough of a problem that a neck reset is really necessary to make it right. Oh joy – one of the more complicated guitar repair operations is now on my list of things to do! Since I’m taking this whole guitar building thing seriously, I might as well make sure my first one plays well before “graduating” to my next guitar.  This will not be a piece of cake, but then again, what else about this project was?

In the next week or so, I’ll be doing my usual over-the-top research on the best way to go about it. I’ll have to generate steam, and rig up a way to inject it into the dovetail joint to loosen the glue. I’ll also have to separate the fretboard extension from the body with heat. If all goes well, the neck will come off, I’ll correct the neck angle,  glue it back on, and repair or redo the finish. In theory, it’ll be as good as new – only better. It’s all sounds scary, but again, after surviving all the other scary things about this project, what’s one more? Stay tuned…